Israeli artist calls Philippine Vice President ‘a douche’ for happy pictorial at Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial

BERLIN – Shahak Shapira, an Israeli artist, author and musician living in Germany, has called Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo “a douche” for a recent pictorial at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin where she posed smiling and sitting on top of a tomb memorializing the death and torture of Jews in Nazi Germany during World War II.

Shapira is best known for his Yolocaust project where he photoshopped pictures of tourists having fun or taking happy selfies at the Holocaust Memorial, superimposing these photos over images of Jewish prisoners and corpses to illustrate the desecration of a site that Jews consider a memorial to death and suffering.

“My dear Filipino friends: many of you have sent me this pic in the last days because your Vice President seems to be a bit of a douche. My Yolocaust project is done, but I like your spirit, so here's my advice: get yourself Photoshop and stick it to the ignorants!” Shapira tweeted, attaching the now infamous picture of Robredo smiling while being posing on the memorial tombs with legislators belonging to her Liberal Party.

Heeding Shapira’s advise, some Filipinos created photoshopped works inspired by Shaphira’s Yolocaust project, superimposing Robredo over black and white images of suffering and dead Jews in Nazi Germany.

Here are some who replied to Shapira with their own Yolocaust-inspired versions:

This has been called “Leni’s Yolocaust.”

In comparison, these are some of the images created by Shapira in his Yolocaust project:

Yolocaust images copyright: Shahak Shapira